About US

The Road Warrior Foundation was formed in December 2013 by two Friends, Brothers in Arms and Patriots looking to make a difference in the lives of soldiers who weren’t as lucky as they were. Steve Berger and Craig Anders first met at the Air Force Academy in 1997 and have been best friends ever since; going to school together, attending pilot training together and serving together. In 2013 during a visit they were brainstorming ways to make a difference for their fellow service members and recognized the need to find a way to help out those who were injured while serving. They desired to start an organization that wasn’t a “big business.” They wanted little overhead and to ensure that all resources went where they were needed most – directly to veterans.

The entire idea came about when Anders was flying the E-3 AWACS and was hurt. He went from flying a $300M jet to his wife driving him to work, it was crushing, he felt like a burden to society and those around him. The hardest thing for a soldier is to lose the ability to perform their job, taking away they one thing they were trained to do, the one thing they are good at…can tear them apart. Anders, through the support of his family and friends found that going out and doing things that helped regain his freedom and independence helped him get back on track.

Berger saw an opportunity to apply this on a larger scale and in help his friend recover, so together they sought out to build the Road Warrior Foundation. This organization utilizes powersports and adventure to produce a challenging environment that takes people out and puts them back in the driver’s seat. We call it adventure therapy and it works! We have partnered with BRP, one of the world’s leading powersports manufacturers to give VIP adventures to deserving individuals and help them recover by driving them to succeed and perform and thrive in an unfamiliar environment that helps them overcome the problems that challenge them in their daily life.