Craig Anders

Mr. Anders has more than 14 years professional and military experience. He attended the US Air Force Academy and then began his career in the Air Force flying the mighty E-3 AWACS, eventually transitioning to Aircraft Procurement and Acquisitions for US Special Operations Command.


Stephen Berger

Mr. Berger joins the Road Warrior Team with 14 years of military and professional experience. He attended the US Air Force Academy going on to become a rescue C-130 pilot with Air Force Special Operations Command. After transitioning from the Air Force, Mr Berger worked in event production and recently Mr. Berger made a move into the insurance industry and opened a Farmers Insurance Agency in Pittsburgh.


Mr Santulan joins the Road Warrior Team with over 25 years government, commercial, and nonprofit experience. Rod was a former US Air Force pilot with over 100 combat hours and Southeast Asia Regional Affairs Strategist. Rod worked for a nonprofit organization for several years helping homeless veterans through housing, employment, and homeless prevention. Rod also worked for Amazon.com and was a Director for a $13B Defense Contracting agency in the US. Rod is currently the managing director for iBDC Business Solutions, Inc. in Southern California helping with grants and business management consulting.

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Chris Little

Mr. Little joins the Road Warrior Team with 25 years government, commercial, and military experience. He has successfully boot-strapped two service sector franchise operations and is also currently the Vice President and minority owner of Phalanx Facilities Management, a government contracting firm, located in Leesburg, Virginia.  Chris enlisted in the United States Army National Guard on his seventeenth birthday and served six years as a Non-Commissioned Officer between the 29th Light Infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division. 

Alastair Gracie

Mr Gracie joins the Road Warrior Team with years of experience in the private sector media and marketing segment. He is currently the Director of New Media at Adstrategies Inc in Easton Maryland.

Donald Schmidt

Mr. Schmidt joins the Road Warrior Team after 28 years in Federal Law Enforcement and 11 years in private investigation practice. His career included assignments with the Department of the Interior, Department of Treasury and the Department of Homeland Security. He specialized in combating smuggling of narcotics, money laundering and fraud.


Kendell Madden

Mr. Madden joins the Road Warrior Foundation as an Alumni rider from 2014, completing the very first cross-country Warrior Ride from Seattle to Tampa. Since joining, Kendell now volunteers his time to run RWF West Coast Operations, helps run social media accounts, and performs multiple Veteran Rides in the Southern California region. Kendell is an active 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu practitioner in Oceanside, California, travels worldwide for gold mining operations with his family’s company, and owns/operates  Virtually There Productions- RWF’s main source of photo and video.


Mr. Baxley joins the Road Warrior Team with over 12 years of military and professional experience. Jason is a Retired US Army Sergeant First Class who served in the reconnaissance field of operations for over 10 years with multiple overseas combat rotations. After Retiring from service Jason became a Realtor, co-founding Prime Real Estate of Keller Williams Mountain Partners in Hendersonville, NC. Jason also has a passion for welding and metal fabrication.



Julie joined the Road Warrior Team in 2016 as a support rider for our Veterans on the Road Warrior Ride from Johnson Creek Wisconsin to New Orleans. Since joining, she continues to play an active role in various promotions, fundraisers, rides, and other operational tasks for the Foundation. Julie is the President & CEO of FOCoS Innovations, a technology company committed to empowering citizens with challenging life situations to retain their independence in their communities. She has a passion for serving and supporting our Heroes and is an active member of the American Legion Riders and Auxiliary in Florida.