2017 Road Warrior Ride - Day 4

Parades, mayors, veterans, police escorts and more Spyder owners. What a day!

We hit the road out of Mississippi and headed to Birmingham, Alabama. Along the way, we picked up 50+ additional riders that helped escort the group of Road Warrior Riders.

One of the highlights was the police escorts we received along the way. It’s an entirely new type of ride when you’re behind the flashing lights with 80 riders.

Another highlight? Visiting the world famous Barber Motorsport Park and getting to take a few laps on the Moro GP track. Simply incredible. 

Thank you to all of the Heart of Dixie Spyder Ryders who helped organize the day and the incredible reception in Alabama.

Check out the Can-Am Spyder and Road Warrior Facebook and Instagram pages for real-time updates throughout the ride.