2017 Road Warrior Ride - Day 3

On the road again!

It feels great to be back on the road. We dusted the dirt off the Spyders — and riders — from the off-road Park and headed out to continue our cross-country quest. 

Have you ever been part of a 2,000-mile Spyder ride with 30+ riders? Even in our fourth year, it’s a unique and rewarding experience every time.

During this last leg, we enjoyed the scenery as we rode out of Texas, through Louisiana and into Mississippi. Now we’re in the Delta hanging out, eating great food and relaxing like old friends. The team is bonding and we are really seeing them come to life.

Next up: Alabama. We know they’ll treat us right and have some big surprises in order for the riders. A special thanks to all the Spyder owners, dealers and supporters who’ve helped us yet again on this journey. 

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