2017 Road Warrior Ride - Training Day

It’s that time of year again when we head out on the annual Road Warrior Ride powered by Can-Am Spyder. It's an amazing experience giving a group of extremely deserving military veterans an experience of a lifetime.

Most of the riders this year have little riding experience, which is by design. It’s a Spyder thing. Riders of all skill levels can ride with confidence while experiencing the wind-in-the-face freedom of the open road. It's "adventure therapy" in the truest form.

We started out today at Wood’s Fun Center in Austin, TX, where we gave an in-depth group riding tutorial for our 2,000+ mile journey from Austin to Charleston, SC. After that we hit the road for a practice run to beautiful Lake Travis, enjoying some of the best roads and scenery in the area.

We have more than 30 people with us to start the ride, all riding Spyders, and more are sure to join throughout. Check out the Can-Am Spyder and Road Warrior Facebook and Instagram pages for real-time updates throughout the ride.